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Beeline Accounting and Finance is a small boutique that specializes in offering
bookkeeping services specifically tailored to nonprofit organizations. Our Services
aim to assist nonprofits in managing their financial records, transactions, and
reporting requirements. By leveraging our expertise in nonprofit accounting
practices, we help the organizations maintain accurate and organized financial
records, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and transparency in their
financial reporting. This enables nonprofits to focus on their mission-driven activities
while leaving the intricacies of financial management in capable hands. Beeline
Accountings services may include tasks such as recording income and expenses,
reconciling bank statements, preparing financial statements, annual application
reporting and facilitating audits and tax returns. Overall, Beeline Accounting plays a
crucial role in supporting the financial health and operational efficiency of nonprofit organizations.


Monthly Bookkeeping

• Bank Activity transactions Categorization
• Revenue & Expense Data Entry and Allocation
• Reconciling bank accounts
• Monthly financial reports by the 10th of the month
• Optional Monthly zoom review meeting
• Serve as liaison between client and CPA to ensure a smooth tax filing.
• Grants financial reports / Budget / Reimbursement reports.

Quarterly Bookkeeping

o Same as Monthly Bookkeeping
o Quarterly financial reports by the 10th of the month after quarter end
(April / July / October / January)

Catch Up and Cleanup Services

o Review and clean up Chart of Account
o Set up Classes to code based on what is required for tax filing.
o Review all bank account and credit card transactions and categorized.
o Review Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports
o Reconciled all bank and credit card accounts.

Organization Budget

A budget is a guide to help the organization plan for the future.  It helps to identify revenues and expense for the upcoming year. An organization budget is required by banks, donor and grant-makers for grant and gift consideration. 


• Grant Financial & Budget Reporting
• Reimbursement Reporting

• Financial Reporting for Grants


• Process payroll weekly / bi-weekly / twice a month / monthly
• Quarterly filing with the IRS / State of Florida
• W2 process end of year

Reporting Filing

• 1099 / 1096 Forms (due January 31 every year)
• Sunbiz (state of Florida) Renewal (due Between Jan 1 to May 1 every

• State Tax Except Status – Form DR-5 (every 5 Years by EOY 12/31)
• Contribution for Solicitation (Every year in May)
• Prepare a tax sheet for the CPA for the IRS tax return (Form 990)
• Review Tax Return Prior to signing or submitting.
• State Sales Tax filing if needed

our mission

At Beeline Account Services, our mission is clear: to be the trusted financial partner that
enables nonprofit organizations to focus on what matters most – their causes. We believe that by streamlining financial processes and offering specialized support, we can help nonprofits maximize their effectiveness and create a ripple effect of positive change.

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